76 Circle K
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Open daily 24 hours.

Agat Tel: (671) 588-7660

Airport Tel: (671) 588-7661

Anigua Tel: (671) 588-7662

Barrigada Tel: (671) 588-7663 

(Piti Port) Cabras Tel: (671) 588-7664

Dededo Tel: (671) 588-7665

Malojloj Tel: (671) 588-7670

(Air Port Road Across Napa) Ocean Vista Tel: (671) 588-7669

Piti Station Tel: (671) 588-766

Sinajana Tel: (671) 588-7667

Tumon Sun Plaza (671) 588-7672

Ypao (671) 588-7666

Our business is selling energy and consumer products. Our mission is to provide the highest level of value and customer service in meeting the energy needs of our community. We will conduct our business with integrity, responsibility, and due regard to our shareholders, environment and community. We will strive to be a market leader, building upon brand strength, employee pride and innovation, efficient use of resources and earned customer loyalty.